Difference between a Content Writer and a Copywriter

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What is the difference between a Content Writer and Copywriter?

Not many people are aware of the difference unless they are in the industry!

Most people think they are the same however they are not.

The type of copy written by a Content Writer is different from writing completed by a Copywriter.

It all comes down to the PURPOSE of the writing.

Content writing is about informing and educating the reader. It’s about giving your target audience deep insights into your product or service. The key is to make it relevant and interesting so it connects with your ideal client. Thought leadership articles and blogs are content writing examples. They are long form type of writing.

Copywriting is writing words in order to sell and persuade people to take a particular action. Examples include encouraging people to subscribe to an email list or buy a product or service. The wording that you see on websites, adverts, emails, sales copy and brochures are the type of work created by copywriters. The copy is short form writing. Even social media captions is seen as copywriting.

To summarise, content writing is informative whereas copywriting is sales focused and persuasive. 

Some writers lean towards content writing whereas others prefer copywriting.

Me? I enjoy writing both long form and short form copy. Writing is my passion so as long as I get to write, I’m happy!

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