Difference between a Content Writer and a Copywriter

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Do know the difference between a Content Writer and Copywriter?

When I started my own business, I told people I was a Content Writer.

People looked perplexed so I explained to them I write articles and blogs for websites. They then understood what that meant.

A couple of times when I mentioned my job title to someone in Marketing or PR (people who were well experienced in the industry and should have a good awareness between the two), they referred to me as a Copywriter.

There is a BIG difference between what a Content Writer writes and what a Copy Writer writes.

Content writing is essentially informing and educating the reader. It is about connecting with the reader. It’s writing about topics and subject matter that they find interesting. It written in a way that’s easy for them to understand. Articles and blogs are examples of work written by content writers.

Copywriting is writing words in order to sell and persuade people to take a particular action. The text that you see on billboards, emails, print advertisements and catalogs are examples of work by copywriters.

In a nutshell, content writing is more informative whereas copywriting is more sales focused and persuasive. Yes, some people can do both however generally, people usually lean towards one side more, like myself with content writing.

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