Content Writing Projects Completed

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Jacican Harvest cooking class

I enjoy being surprised with the work I receive with many content writing projects completed now.

What is fantastic for me is I get to learn about a variety of industries and topic areas. Each one of them can be so different from each other! I receive very positive feedback from my clients which makes it even better!

The different industries that I have written copy for include;

  • Travel (my speciality)
  • Chocolate – gift guides
  • Cooking schools
  • Mobile welding (yes random!)
  • Coaching
  • Tyre scrapping
  • Online-dating
  • Insurance
  • Beauty

I am sure I will learn more about other industries as I have more content writing projects completed and I can keep adding to this list!

If you would like to know more, contact me here. I look forward to assisting you with any content writing projects that you have.