Enjoying Working From Home

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One of the perks of having my own business is being able to work from home and having that freedom and flexibility.

The weather in Sydney can get crazy particularly during the summer months. We have had insane hot weather culminating in bushfires to torrential downpours. With global changes happening, it looks like the weather unpredictability will continue!

In my last job, I commuted an hour each way, walking and catching the train. It would a lot of rushing around with pick up and drop off duties and aiming to get to work or school in time!

Prior to starting my own business, when I heard people working from home, I thought wow, that would be amazing. Now, it is the norm for me!

Life is a lot more relaxed now and I can work the times I choose to. I have the option to stay indoors or get and about. There is more time for my interests including outdoor fitness classes, catching up with friends and attending networking events.

Working from home and running my own business is something I really enjoy. It has been an incredible journey so far and I look forward to seeing where my business will go!

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