Starting up my Content Writing and Proofreading Business

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Starting up my content writing and proofreading business has been one of the most incredible journeys I have ever taken. It has led me to meeting a diverse range of business owners from those new to the world of business to ones that have been in business for many years. I have learnt a lot about what is involved in running a business and what a journey it involves.

Born and raised in Sydney, from a primary school age, I always loved reading, writing and drawing. I enjoyed being creative and having that outlet to express myself. In high school, I wanted to be a graphic designer or a copy writer. Once I finished school, I went to study advertising at a college in Sydney.

I ended up working in support roles in market research and marketing consultancy companies in Sydney, London and Melbourne. I did a lot of travelling during that time in my 20s and had an absolute ball.

Fast forward and after moving to Melbourne, I obtained a Bachelor of Business majoring in Tourism Management and a Master of Tourism. After graduating, I worked in the travel industry as a Sales and Marketing Executive and Marketing Coordinator for global travel companies. I looked after budgets, made decisions on where to spend the money, created campaigns jointly with retailers such as Flight Centre and Helloworld, managed websites and oversaw the production of flyers, print/digital adverts.

After a while, I realised I needed more of a work/life balance. I had a primary school aged son and was always rushing with pick up and drop off. I felt like I lacked having quality time with him.

One day, I woke up and had the idea suddenly that I wanted to start my own business. Having worked as a freelance writer from 2011 on freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Freelance, I knew I had the skills and capabilities. Clients always gave me glowing feedback on my work.

So, I made the decision quit my full-time job and started Jazzy Words. I love the freedom and flexibility of it. I have more time for my son, more time for my hobbies such as reading and I feel I am a lot more relaxed.

Writing is my passion so getting to write on a regular basis has been fantastic. Also, knowing that how much effort I put in is how much I will get back in return is rewarding. As most business owners would know, you get a huge level of satisfaction when you have completed a job that both you and the clients are happy with. Founding my own copywriting and proofreading business is definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made!