One Year Anniversary in Business

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Celebrating the milestone of my first year in my content writing and proofreading and editing business.

What a fantastic experience it has been thus far. I actually started my freelance content writing journey in 2011 and discovered I loved writing and was receiving great feedback on my work! It was a year ago when I decided to quit my full-time marketing job and properly set up and register my business.

I have thoroughly loved being a business owner of Jazzy Words and connecting with amazing people along the way. On a personal and professional level, there has been a lot of self-development which you need in order to grow. It has been an enriching experience learning about what it takes to run a business.

Lessons I have learnt

– Adaptability and flexibility is key to the ever evolving nature of business

– Constantly improving your knowledge and learning about the different aspects of business is important

– Quality work of my content writing and proofreading and editing work and great communication ensures client satisfaction and repeat business

– Consistency is key to marketing and attracting new clients

– Service offerings can shift as your business evolves

Pitfalls of being a business owner

– You are constantly working in or on your business so it can be hard to switch off at night or during the weekends

– It can be lonely working from home (this was even prior to COVID-19 coming into the picture!)

– Feast or famine when it comes to content writing and proofreading and editing work (what they say is true!)

– Trust your gut when it comes to clients (we all have had that demanding client!)

– My business profitability hasn’t reached the level where I can focus on it full-time

Overall feelings about being a business owner

I am happy with how things have been tracking with my content writing and proofreading and editing business. I wish I did this sooner, to be honest as I love being a business owner! It has opened my eyes to the business world and made me admire the successful sole traders and small business owners (especially those that are content writers or copywriters) there that have been in business for many years. My goal is to keep aiming higher and to add to my service offerings so my business keeps getting stronger and better than ever!

If you require any content writing or proofreading and editing work, send me through an enquiry here and I would be delighted to help you out!

Beckie Lee – Owner of Jazzy Words

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