Travel Writing Is My Speciality

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Travel writing is seen as glamorous as you get to lead a jet setting lifestyle. It would be a great opportunity to be sent to different destinations around the world to write travel features or articles. Who wouldn’t love that?!

Writing travel pieces is something I really enjoy as travelling has always been a BIG passion of mine. I have lived and worked in London, the US and Fiji. I have explored over 40 countries in different continents from Europe, the US, Asia, Africa (South Africa) and all over Australia. I have visited many wonderful and amazing countries that have really opened my eyes to different ways of living, different cultures along and met a wide variety of people along the way.

When I decided to attend university as a mature age student, studying Tourism was the perfect fit for me. I studied a Bachelor of Business majoring in Tourism Management then continued to do a Master’s in Tourism. I really loved being a student and learning about different business and tourism subjects.

My work experience includes working at Disney and Luna Park, the Melbourne Sydney and Parramatta Visitor Information Centres, organising an International Dental Ski Conference and working in Marketing for cruise lines and a global travel company, the Globus Family of Brands. I was actually sent on a work trip to the Canadian Rockies in July 2019 and I have to say the scenery was out of the world and took my breath away!

When I started my own business providing content writing, I decided to specialise in travel writing. When I started freelancing content writing in 2011, my main pieces of work was travel related and I really enjoyed it. It always brings back fond memories of the places that I have visited. 

If you have a travel business or have a publication with a travel feature, I would love to help you out! I have a portfolio of my travel articles and blogs which you can view here.

Contact me for more information and let’s chat about how we can work together.

Canadian Rockies trip


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