Importance of Digital Branding

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Digital branding

The digital brand of a business involves everything that can be seen in the digital space about your business.  This includes your website, social media accounts and email marketing.  Specifically, digital branding encompasses the following elements – words, imagery, logos, videos, look and feel and voice.

Brand consistency is important in communicating your value proposition and how your business comes across online.   Your digital presence must be consistent and reflect your branding as they will be seen regularly by your potential customers.

A strong digital brand can mean the difference between your potential customer choosing you over your competitor.

Consistency across all platforms

Whether it be your website, social media accounts or emails, consistency needs to be seen across all touch points.


Your website is the key cornerstone of your digital brand. An effective website builds trust and conveys its messaging and value proposition to its audience.  A well designed website needs to be consistent with its colours, imagery and is optimised with key words. Provide a great user experience that makes visitors take action.

Social media

Social media is a big part of your digital brand.  You need to work out which platforms your target audience use and which ones best align with your brand. From Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Pinterest and Etsy, there are multiple social media channels to choose from.  Managing your digital brand on the different social media platforms requires skill and expertise.  Brand consistency, strategy, planning and the ability to write and design is important. The way you engage with your audience needs to be solid and consistent.

Email marketing

Digital brand management extends to email marketing and communicating to the database of your consumers and suppliers.  The emails that go out to your subscribers needs to be designed and written in the same consistency as your website and social media accounts.  People who subscribe to your email list have signed up for a reason so you need to maximise the opportunity to communicate your value and offerings as part of your digital brand.


Advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn requires expertise. You need a specialist who understands these platforms who can get the most out of the expenditure you put into the ads.  The digital branding needs to be consistent with well-written content and design that is on brand.  

Maintain your digital brand

Digital brand management requires skilled professionals to manage your brand effectively online. Creative staff including content writers/copywriters and designers are important in digital brand management. They play a role in providing consistency in content, imagery, videos and design as well and work in conjunction with the brand strategy.

Writing copy is my speciality

The wording on a website is very important when it comes to connecting with your ideal client and ensuring your SEO ranking is maintained. Having regular blogs posted on your website can assist with giving audiences a reason to return back to your website.  

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