Offering Proofreading and Editing as a Service

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Proofreading and editing

When I decided to start my own business, I had the intention of offering content writing as my main service. Offering proofreading and editing as a service soon came into the picture when I started networking. 

I had joined many Facebook business and entrepreneurial groups from the very beginning. For me, it was a means of sourcing work and networking with like-minded people. One of the very first opportunities I received, was to undertake proofreading and editing a 8,000 tourism award submission. At first, I was unsure how long it would take to complete the job and whether it would be time consuming. I was still working full-time in marketing however I thought I’ll give it a go.

I actually enjoyed it! It was a bit of work with the editing side in terms of spelling, grammar and reordering the copy however I realised it was a service I could offer. As a result, I received a positive testimonial from my client and felt proud of the work I had completed.

I have now proofread and edited someone’s book (small self-published biography), a press release, a resume, social media posts for a client, articles and a capability statement.

If you require any proofreading and editing of any kind, feel free to email me to contact me.

I would love to help you out!